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Surveys Specializing in Market Share Analysis, Direct Client Feedback and Product Usage Trends
Asset Benchmark Research (ABR) conducts in-depth, product-specific surveys on today's financial markets. We partner with leading international and regional banks, asset managers and non-profit organizations to help develop the market by bridging the information gap and needs between investors, issuers and financial intermediaries. By accessing senior corporate decision-makers and institutional investors we provide accurate quantitative and qualitative data to assist in management decisions.
Our market intelligence offers:
Competitor benchmarking
Market penetration statistics
Trends in best practices
Proprietary client feedback
Peer-generated performance rankings
Dawn of a New Era - 2020 Global Macro Strategy Outlook
In 2019, the US Federal Reserve quickly ended its tightening cycle, cut interest rates three times and reversed its balance-sheet normalization plan. China’s credit crunch also shifted to a modest expansion. The European Central Bank restarted asset purchases and emerging market central banks entered into a rate cut cycle. Driven by abundant liquidity from global policymakers, a stark contrast to the environment in 2018, asset prices rallied across the board with handsome returns from stocks, bonds, commodities, precious metals and real estate in 2019.
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The Asset Corporate Awards
The Asset Corporate Awards
The Asset’s Excellence in Governance, CSR and Investor Relations Benchmarking offers a rigorous service for the region’s listed companies. The criteria used to assess the companies include a range of metrics of financial performance, which are also a proxy for gauging management acumen. Companies are also evaluated according to the quality of their ...
Asian G3 Bond Benchmark Review
Asian G3 Bond Benchmark Review
The Asian G3 Bond Benchmark Review has been conducted annually since 1999. It provides a wealth of data on the product needs of institutional investors and the market penetration of banks active in the Asian G3 bond space. It also delivers a detailed analysis of investors’ buying behavior when selecting their counterparties, and provides insights into how investors think.
Asian Local Currency Bond Benchmark Review
Asian Local Currency Bond Benchmark Review
The Asian Local Currency Bond Benchmark review has been conducted annually since 2000. Over 300 leading institutional investors across 11 Asian markets give their views on their buying behaviour, opinions and their actual service experience from banks that are active in local currency bonds.
Treasury Surveys
Treasury Review
Asset Benchmark Research reaches out to CFOs and treasurers around the globe on an annual basis as an integral part of the vetting process in The Asset’s annual Triple A Treasury, Trade and Risk Management awards. Not only do we gauge their satisfaction with particular financial services providers, but we also use it as an opportunity ...
Renminbi Surveys
Renminbi Surveys
Over the past three years, Asset Benchmark Research has gathered opinions from companies on their offshore Renminbi business and trends in this industry. We focus on six main areas of Renminbi activities conducted outside of China: deposits, trade settlement, FX transactions, loans, CNH bonds and portfolio investments. Companies are asked questions about their ...
Electronic Trading Survey
Electronic Trading Survey
Asset Benchmark Research surveys traders and portfolio managers on the current landscape of electronic trading for fixed income. The survey provides constructive feedback on the technology and market data tools available; the operational challenges the fixed income community faces and the outlook for developing infrastructure and trading opportunities in the future.
Brand Awareness Surveys
Brand Awareness Surveys
These surveys assist asset managers and banks with better understanding the perceptions of their franchise by senior decision makers in the Asia-Pacific region. Treasurers, institutional investors and fund selectors are queried about how these institutions stand out in terms of their ...
Depositary Receipts Survey
Depositary Receipts Survey
In this survey, Asset Benchmark Research polls over a hundred clients from depositary receipts banks. It gathers the views of the hard-to-reach group of depositary receipts issuers on a host of key issues and concerns along with assessing the performance of their service providers.
Custody Survey
Custody Survey
In light of the recent developments in the integration of Asia’s capital markets, Asset Benchmark Research conducted a survey assessing the current landscape and its implications for custodian banks in the summer of 2016. The project took place over July and August and ...

About ABR

Asset Benchmark Research provides both syndicated and bespoke research in segments of financial markets that include fixed income, foreign exchange, structured products, cash management and trade finance depositary receipts.

Our Clients

We work with institutions that require in-depth expertise to assist in their management decisions. These include:
  • International banks
  • Local banks
  • Regional banks
  • Asset managers
  • Exchanges
  • Media planning and buying firms
  • Financial data vendors


Our database consists of the most senior executives in companies, financial institutions and asset management firms. Long-standing relationships with these executives across the region grant you access and insight to an oft-elusive group.